Monday, November 15, 2004

Pets Get Diabetes Too

Author: Nick Carmichael Article:

Just like humans pets can suffer from diabetes mellitus too. Bya simple blood test, called fructosamine, thay can be diagnosed,and then under the care of your veterinary surgeon, oftentreated succesfully.

Fructosamines are stable complexes of carbohydrates and proteinsthat are produced by an irreversible, nonenzymatic glycosylationof serum proteins. Fructosamine (glycated serum protein)measurements are useful in diagnosing and monitoring diabetesmellitus in both cats and dogs. The test is highly sensitive andcan be used to distinguish non-diabetic transientlyhyperglycaemic cats from diabetics with chronic hyperglycaemia.A single measurement of fructosamine indicates the averageglucose concentration over the previous 1-3 weeks and its assaycan therefore be used to assist in the diagnosis of diabetesmellitus as well as monitoring the effectiveness of insulintherapy in diabetic patients. Fructosamine values are notinfluenced by acute fluctuations in blood glucose making themmore useful than single glucose measurements taken from stressedor anorexic patients, or animals on glucose containing IVfluids. In some cases however they can be used in conjunctionwith serial glucose curves to assess the short and long termresponse to insulin administration.Please contact your veterinary surgeon for further details or ifyou have any concerns about your pets.Further information on fructosamine can be found at:

About the author:Nick graduated from Edinburgh Veterinary School in 1980 with anHonours degree in Pathological Sciences and in 1982 as aBachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery. In 2003 Nick becamea diplomate of the Royal college of Pathologists in veterinaryclinical pathology.

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