Wednesday, December 24, 2008

About the Staple Diet

The "staple diet" comprises the bulk of what an individual bird consumes on a daily basis. For companion birds, the staple diet has been largely seeds or pellets. Unfortunately, though these diets are simpl.e to use, they are often detrimental for companion birds when used incorrectly. Feeding just one type of food, day after day, doesn't provide the variety that companion birds need to thrive. Malnutrition is the single most common reason for illness and death in companion birds. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies lead to a compromised immune system, which makes a bird more susceptible to viruses, bacterial infections, and fungal growth. Protein deficiency causes poor feather quality, and lack of essential fatty acids causes shin problems. Mainutrtion also leads to plucking, behavioral problems, and eventually compromised liver and kidney function.

Beak Appetit's cooked diets solve this problem. The combination of quality ingredients and essential supplements creates a whole food that supplies birds with the nutrition they need to function and thrive. Along iwth fresh fruits and veggies, Beak Appetit's easy-to-use diets provide your bird with a worry-free feeding plan. Simply cook up a batch of Beak Appetit and then keep it in the refrigerator for a week, warming a protion of it each day. Or, you can sparate portions into small baggies or ice-cube trays and freeze it, thawing or microwaving the portions as you need them. Variety is key and Beak Appetit has it.

Cooking time ranges from 3 to 25 minutes depending on the product (unique preparation instructions are printed on every package). Most of Beak Appetit's recipes fill the kitchen with the luscious aroma of cinnamon, tropical fruits and other spices.

The full line of Beak Appetit diets is now available from Bird Buffet N Things. For more information on Beak Appetit diets, click here.


Michael Camire
Bird Buffet N Things

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bird Buffet N Things adds Beak Appetit Diets, Softbill Diets and Supplements to Product Line

Due to the demand from our customers to provide a larger variety of natural and cooked bird food, Bird Buffet N Things has added the entire line of Beak Appetit Diets, Softbill Diets and Supplements to their product line.

For birds in the wild, finding food is the most important part of the day. Some wild parrots can eat up to 75 different types of vegetation as a regular part of their diet, everything from leaves and fruit to nuts and young seeds. Different foods occur seasonally for parrots. At certain times of year they feast on one type of fruit, nut, and vegetation and when that's gone, other species of trees or grasses bloom and fruit, offering yet another nutritional opportunity.

Until recently, bird food producers ignored this need for variety. Birds were left with boring meals lacking in well-rounded nutition. Fortunately, Beak Appetit now offers the variety that parrots require. Each Beak Appetit selection contains a vast assortment of grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and legumes, giving parrots a nutritious change of pace.

For more information on Beak Appetit Diets, Softbill Diets and Supplements, visit Bird Buffet N Things.