Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bird Buffet N Things adds Beak Appetit Diets, Softbill Diets and Supplements to Product Line

Due to the demand from our customers to provide a larger variety of natural and cooked bird food, Bird Buffet N Things has added the entire line of Beak Appetit Diets, Softbill Diets and Supplements to their product line.

For birds in the wild, finding food is the most important part of the day. Some wild parrots can eat up to 75 different types of vegetation as a regular part of their diet, everything from leaves and fruit to nuts and young seeds. Different foods occur seasonally for parrots. At certain times of year they feast on one type of fruit, nut, and vegetation and when that's gone, other species of trees or grasses bloom and fruit, offering yet another nutritional opportunity.

Until recently, bird food producers ignored this need for variety. Birds were left with boring meals lacking in well-rounded nutition. Fortunately, Beak Appetit now offers the variety that parrots require. Each Beak Appetit selection contains a vast assortment of grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and legumes, giving parrots a nutritious change of pace.

For more information on Beak Appetit Diets, Softbill Diets and Supplements, visit Bird Buffet N Things.

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