Monday, January 30, 2006

Prime Avian Supplement


  • Ultra fine highly palatable powder does not cake over time
  • Penetrates soft foods for accurate dosage administration
  • Contains 14 vitamins and 9 minerals missing in most seed/vegetable/fruit diets
  • Extra vitamin C and E for increased breeding and as antioxidants
  • Calcium gluconate carrier adds required calcium which is deficient in most other supplements
  • Exotic fruit flavoring without added sugar which can promote pathogenic organisms
  • Lysine and Methionine amino acids improve diet protein quality
  • Unique combination of enzymes and acidifiers to improve digestion
  • Micro-encapsulated Beneficial Bacteria (Probiotics) keep birds in top condition
Year of formulating and field testing have resulted in the most advanced avian supplement. Prime has excelled above all other supplements in providing all species of companion birds with their required nutrients. Prime, however is not a dumping ground for every nutrient known to man - ingredients were selected strictly on the basis of need. This results in higher leverls of those nutrients truly needed by birds. For most accurate dosage administration, Hagen recommends Prime be sprinkled over your bird's favorite fruits and vegetables.

Available Sizes:

Hagen 82102 - 20g Hagen 82105 - 70g Hagen 82106 - 1 Lb Hagen 82110 - 5Lb

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