Friday, March 31, 2006

Reduce Your Bird Feed Bill

The Bird-Zerk Acrylic Recycling Bird Feeder is now available at Bird Buffet N Things.

Veterinarian approved and recommended by Dr. Carol Richardson, D.V.M. Phoenix, Arizona, and several other veterinarians in the U.S.

We have the solution for you! The new amazing patented BIRD-ZERK FEEDER. It will change your life forever! No more sweeping food off the floor and throwing dollar$ into the trash. The BIRD-ZERK FEEDER is great for pet birds or breeding birds. It will increase your profit$ with your breeding birds because of the seed or pellet you will $ave with a BIRD-ZERK FEEDER. The BIRD-ZERK FEEDER will pay for itself in no time, because the wasted food is saved and recycled. The feeder will cut your food bill by at least 50%, and keep 80% to 90% of the mess and wasted food off the floor or bottom of the cage. So after a short time, the BIRD-ZERK FEEDER will pay for itself in the savings of the food, then the feeder is free. And it will continue to save you money year after year. Even with our revolutionary design in the BIRD-ZERK FEEDER, some of our parrot friends are smart enough to get a few of their seeds or pellet out of the feeder while eating, so we cannot guarantee 100% of the mess will stop, but just think of the money you will $ave!

This Avian Veterinarian approved feeder is constructed of high strength clear acrylic and is designed to withstand bird abuse. The BIRD-ZERK FEEDER is low maintenance and easily cleaned. It instantly shows you how much food your bird has consumed and it will fit any cage because it comes apart into two pieces. Best of all there is no need to cut your cage bars or wire, unlike some feeders on the market, where you have to cut a very large hole for the feeder to fit. The BIRD-ZERK FEEDER comes apart into two pieces. Half of the feeder, the part the bird eats out of attaches to the inside of the cage, the recapturing part of the feeder attaches on the outside of the cage. The two halves bolt back together through the cage wire or bars and you do not have to damage your expensive cages. When you bolt the two halves of the feeder together, it becomes part of your cage, and the birds cannot unhook it, letting the feeder fall to the floor and break. The BIRD-ZERK FEEDER has an attached top lid and bottom sliding door at no extra charge. The door and lid are built into the feeder when we assemble it.

Also the BIRD-ZERK FEEDER does not fit where your food bowls are located. The BIRD-ZERK FEEDER goes on the sides, back or front door of your cage, so that the bowls normally used for food can now be used for water, or fresh fruits, and veggies.

We have seven sizes to fit all exotic birds, which includes a colony feeder for those breeders that raise dozens of birds together. THE SIZE OF BIRD-ZERK FEEDER THAT YOU ARE BUYING MUST BE FOR THE RIGHT SIZE BIRD OR BIRDS. For instance, you would not buy a large feeder for colonies of finches. The large feeder is made for COCKATOOS, AMAZONS AND SMALL MACAWS, NOT FINCHES CANARIES, OR ANY OTHER SMALL BIRDS. Please refer to the Feeder Guide for the size you need for your bird or birds.

Each BIRD-ZERK FEEDER is professionally custom made and has been tested on several large aviaries since 1993. The BIRD-ZERK FEEDER has been used successfully on over 100,000 birds from the smallest finches to the largest of birds, the Hyacinth Macaw.

This food saving device has been awarded

Design Patent and Utility Patent

# D373,226 # 5,771,838

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