Saturday, March 24, 2007

Question and Answers About Seed

“Birds in the wild eat seeds, don’t they?”Very few species of parrots eat seeds in the wild, but they do eat a wide variety of foods, such as flowers, buds, fruits, nuts, insects, leaves and grasses depending on what is available seasonally.
“Aren’t the seed mixtures I feed my bird what they would eat if they lived in their native habitat?”Birds in South America, Africa and Australia are rarely exposed to sunflower seeds and peanuts, yet most commercial seed diets contain a high proportion of these.
“Why do they say my bird will get fat on a seed diet?”Seeds are high in fat and deficient in important nutrients, so a steady diet of them can lead to obesity and other nutritionally related diseases. Unlike wild birds, caged birds are more sedentary and do not expend as much energy during their daily activities.
“If I add vitamin and mineral supplements to my bird’s seed diet, won’t he be getting a nutritious diet?”Whether you are adding supplements to your bird’s food or water, you never know how much of the supplements your bird is consuming. Powdered supplements separate from the food and end up as waste, and because you change the bird’s water frequently, the supplements are thrown out with the water.
“Aren’t ‘fortified’ seeds healthier for my bird?”When your bird eats seeds with shells that have been coated with vitamins and minerals, the hulls usually end up as waste on the floor of the cage.
“If I supplement my bird’s seed diet with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, won’t he be eating a very healthy diet?” While fruits and vegetables are healthy additions, many of them are high in sugar and carbohydrates, and should not make up more than 20% of your bird’s overall diet.
“My bird eats a lot of the same foods as I make for myself , so isn’t he getting a good diet?”It’s difficult to make sure your bird is getting the correct balance of nutrients — after all your nutritional needs are different from his.
“What kind of diet will give my bird everything he needs to stay healthy?”The best diet for your bird is one that provides a reliable, consistent source of balanced nutrition, such as high-quality, extruded nuggets.
“Can I feed my bird other food items along with the nutritious nuggets?”Yes. You can feed your bird a few seeds, fruits, nuts, vegetables and other food items every day, as long as they do not make up more than 20% of his daily diet. Use these foods for training rewards or treats.

“Extruded diets are the best choice to ensure birds get the important balanced nutrition they need.” Mark L. Morris, Jr., DVM, PhD, Diplomate American College of Veterinary Nutrition

“Nutritionists agree that extruded nuggets take the guesswork out of feeding your bird, and can offer a reliable and consistent source of quality nutrition.” Don Harris, DVM, Miami, Florida

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