Thursday, December 15, 2005

Spray Millet For Your Pet Bird

Millet is a cereal crop grown as a food source. At Bird Buffet N Things, they offer several sources of delicious millet for your hook billed birds like finches, canaries,parrots, parakeets, macaws, and others. Birds must find their own food in the wild, often consisting of fruits, nuts, or berries. Spray millet is a great product to help give your pet bird the feeling of gathering his or her own food. The "spray" is the stalk of dried millet, which contains clusters of seeds. The bird's food (the seed) is contained inside these outside husks.

Mega Millet products feed the bird's wild instinct to forage. Mega Millet comes in sprays and looks like the foods your bird would find in the wild--it makes them work to get each large kernel from the spray. Mega Millet requires the bird to sift through the dried plant and crack the husk to retrieve the food, just like they would in a native environment.

Bird Buffet N Things' staff are very knowledgeable about this and other millet products and encourage our customers to try this product for most kept birds. It can be introduced in the food bowl with just a few clusters, and then a whole spray can be tied to the cage. Your bird will love the process of gathering food in this natural way.

Bird Buffet N Things also offer Canadian Golden spray millet and Rainbow Delight millet. The Rainbow Delight comes in a variety of flavors like orange, banana, and strawberry. It contains the same amount of nutrients as the other millets, it just has added flavor to satisfy your bird's taste buds.

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