Saturday, December 24, 2005

Teach Your Bird Tricks

Hi there,

I just wanted to take the time and write you a quick note letting you know that I found a website where you can get a free parrot training 3 Day E-course and training video, just by visiting

When you get there just sign up on one of the signup forms on their site, and they will send you their training course immediatly.

The course will teach your parrot to:

-Stop Biting

-Perform Tricks &

-Tame ANY SIZE bird you could possibly own

Chet Womach, who owns the site, also has an advanced course that you can read about at his site, and I must say, I have bought, and own all the parrot training products out there. And Chet's training course is heads and shoulders above all the other training courses or videos you will EVER find.

-SPECIAL NOTE: His course is so good, that I called him up on the phone, and begged him to give some of my customers a special deal on his course.

So after a whole lot of arm twisting, I convinced him to throw in a 2 hour interview he did with a parrot behavior specialist, where they do nothing but cover exactly how to cure MAJOR biting and fear problems in parrots, by using very clever clicker training techniques.

All you have to do to get this special interview, is go to and on the order form, write that you heard about his website from me, Michael Camire, so he knows to send you the extra 2 hour interview.

But Remember, he is only offering this deal until this upcoming Friday. So if you try to order after Friday, he won't throw in this extra audio bonus for you.

Either way, at least go to his website to get the 3 Day E-Course and video.

Hope you'll like his course as much as I did.


Michael Camire
Bird Buffet N Things

p.s. In order to get this free two hour interview you must click on this link:

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